Snowy Hills Canvas

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A stunning choice for wall and home decorations, our Snowy Hills Canvas features 5 panels displaying a stunning scene of the Northern Lights over fresh snow capped mountains. If you would like your paintings framed please select the Framed option. Unframed comes as a rolled up canvas.

These are exclusive high definition prints that you don't want to miss out on!


  • Small - 2 Pieces in 8x14in (20x35cm), 2 Pieces in 8x18in (20x45cm), 1 Piece in 8x22in (20x55cm)
  • Medium - 2 Pieces in 10x16in (25x40cm), 2 Pieces in 10x22in (25x55cm), 1 Piece in 10x26in (25x65cm)
  • Large - 2 Pieces in 12x20in (30x50cm), 2 Pieces in 12x26in (30x65cm), 1 Piece in 12x32in (30x80cm)